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It appears form validation does not include support for validating radio buttons so I have come up with a solution.Nest your radio buttons into a field container with your default hidden input with an id you can target for validation: causes multiple prompts on every matched input.

This method, while far more cumbersome, allows a single error prompt.For anyone posting code samples please make a JSFiddle and not just copy and paste code here.Otherwise I'm manually creating test cases for every bug I'm trying to evaluate & fix.It looks like there is a regression with #2505 as well..By default, the submit buttons will be disabled if there is at least one invalid field.If you want to enable the submit buttons all the time, triggering the err.field.fv, success.event and using the disable Submit Buttons() method: The submit button is disabled initially.

You want it to be enabled when there is at least one valid field and there is no invalid one.

In this case, we can trigger the success.event, which is called when the field is valid, and check if there is invalid field via the get Invalid Fields() method.

Clicking on any submit button will perform validation and then submit the form if all the fields are valid.

By default, the plugin will look for the buttons that are defined by the button option: This solution is available only from v0.6.2 which default set of submit buttons do NOT include one having the formnovalidate attribute.

You might want to bypass validation under certain circumstances.

For example, you might have a page in which users should be able to post even if they did not fill out all the validated fields correctly. NET server control to bypass validation on both the server and the client, or just on the client.

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