Books on dating someone with bipolar disorder

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I am now married to a wonderful, very supportive man that is always there for me during my break downs.

This was the first time in a romantic relationship that anyone had ever done this.For those us of us out there that live with a mental illness, telling someone that you have a mental illness can be one of the tougher things to deal with when it comes to any relationship.When it comes to dating someone new it can been so stressful due to the concern of how the person might react.It can almost give you so much anxiety that you do not even want to bother.Dating can be very tough but when you live with a mental illness it just makes it that much harder.I often feel guilty about him still be married to me.

I have even told him a few times that I would not hold it against him if he wanted out because he had never truly seen just how bad the mood swings could be.

Of course he shakes his head at me at such a silly idea and always says "why would I leave my best friend and the love of my life ?

" However my relationships in my past have not been this healthy nor understanding.

I can not even keep count on how many men could not handle my bipolar disorder.

I do not blame them for that because it is a tough illness to live with.

I know I would not choose to live with it if I had a choice so I am not sure why anyone would choose this.

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