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This phenomenon was observed in the North Sea during 2015.

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This article is about the original British show and its adaptations. The basic structure of the programme is that a number of farmers are presented with women from the city, from whom they choose one to be their spouse. version of Farmer Wants a Wife consists of 8 episodes, during which 10 women are trying to be chosen by just one bachelor farmer. In September 2009, Farmer Wants a Wife returned to British television for a series on Channel 5, presented by singer and television personality Louise Redknapp.Our Casa kubaa playing blocks for kids are making a guest appearance on the popular Dutch TV show ” Boer Zoekt Vrouw” (Farmer Wants a Wife) a dating show where farmers look for true love. The show is 10 years old and to celebrate there’s a reunion edition with all the happy couples and their kids.Stoerrr design is responsible for creating the kids play area!It’s that time of year again, when Google publishes its top 10 lists of the most frequently used Google search terms used by the Dutch during 2015.The top 10 searches in the Netherlands cover everything from video games, entertainment and public figures to the Paris terrorist attacks.The most popular Google search term in the Netherlands is for the mobile game "Agario", while second place is for the popular TV dating show (how does it work) searches are a good indicator of new technology, products or software that have been widely adopted in the Netherlands over the course of 2015.

In first place Dutch people wanted to know how the new Snapchat app worked, followed by Chromecast and Windows 10, rounding out the top 3.

People in the Netherlands wanted to find out how twitter hashtags work, how to use a selfie stick, a wifi extender, solar panels and the Rabo scanner (for online banking).

Dutch wanted to know how was frequently searched, and is the Dutch word for Sea Sparkle, a tiny sea creature that creates bioluminescence under certain conditions.

For the Australian series, see The Farmer Wants a Wife (Australian TV series). After its UK debut in 2001, the show had more than 10 localised versions around the world, with mixed ratings reports. 1 television show for stations that aired it in Belgium and Norway, and was the highest rated (up to 60%) entertainment show in the Netherlands.

However, the original format of the programme is likely to date back to the TV programme Bauer sucht Bäuerin, which was broadcast in 1983 on SF DRS in Switzerland. version differed from the other international versions and it was more fictionalised.

The first edition premièred in the United Kingdom on ITV in 2001.

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