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It’s worth pointing out that Japan is one of the few countries where Google has yet to destroy all search engine competition.Answerers were generally very supportive, patiently explaining that although we use the word “google” as a verb, it comes from Google’s name, and can’t really be used to mean searching on another site. Answer seems to have tickled Japan’s funny bone, racking up over 200,000 page views to date.

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It makes you wonder if people really are that dumb, or if some of these are jokes. Source Tumblr You couldn’t even tell your girlfriend was 4 months pregnant?

brains” or, more literally, “knowledge bag”), and as this collection of the best Q&A sets shows, the questions people ask range from the bafflingly inane to the unexpectedly profound!

As we’re about to see, Japan has its fair share of loveable idiots as well as geniuses!

In Japanese, as in English, you can use the word “google” as a verb, as in “I googled it” or “why don’t you just google it?

”, which we think you’ll agree sounds much better than the rather clunky-sounding “do an internet search” that Google’s competitors would likely prefer we said.

It’s often possible in Japanese to make a noun into a verb by throwing on Yahoo.

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