Best dating site of india

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The website offer total privacy for the information stored in your account just like any social networking site. Few of the options provided are chat option, account privacy settings and relevant searches options.

Its main purpose is simply to connect with partners who are looking for relationships.However, the concept of online dating is relatively new in India.Most people misunderstand dating sites with matrimonial sites though.Well, in India, you will find a bulk load of matrimonial sites and but when it comes to dating sites the number comes down significantly.Majority of these dating sites are purely meant for dating, friendship and flirting. A few of such websites charge a minimal fee per month while the rest are for free.Below is the list of some of the Flirt is a free dating website.

You only need to register to the site for the very first time.

It offers video and audio chat to its users to know each other better.

This user friendly site comes with a motto of uniting two people.

Quackquack is another dating website for the single to mingle.

It needs a onetime registration that is free of cost.

The user can upload its photos and his personal information.

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