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If you’re an addict, those things happen.” One of the things she likes about “Nurse Jackie” is that she feels it handles Jackie’s addiction well.“I asked only that addiction be true to life,” she says. It’s the TV version of struggles, but it’s still struggles.

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That makes me feel good.” For herself, the 51-year-old Falco says most of her life these days is back at home with her two adopted pre-teen children, Anderson and Macy.Five years after her portrayal of Jackie Peyton in “Nurse Jackie” won her an Emmy as best actress in a comedy series, Edie Falco has just one reservation. As “Nurse Jackie” launches its seventh and final season Sunday (Showtime, 9 p.m.), Falco reasons that a nurse addicted to prescription painkillers isn’t a comedy character, even if she sometimes says funny, sarcastic things.“Humor is a necessary part of working in an ER,” Falco says.“It’s one of the ways you keep your wits about you.“But ‘The Sopranos’ had funny moments, too, and no one called that a comedy.“When I finish shooting, I leave it all behind,” she says. But I don’t think it makes you a better actor to hang onto it. My kids are still pretty young.” It helps to be doing a cable show, where the seasons have run 10-12 episodes, rather than a broadcast network series where the season is twice as long.

“I don’t know how anyone does 26 episodes a year,” she says.

“When we finish a season, I just go back home and get into my not-working lifestyle. We’d have been very happy with three years and we got seven.” At some point, she says, she’s hoping to do more live theater.

Comedy is ‘30 Rock.’ Not ‘Nurse Jackie.’ And at this point, they can't fire me for saying it.” Okay, Falco isn’t going to give back the Emmy, which keeps company with the three earlier “best actress in a drama” Emmys she won for playing Carmela Soprano on HBO’s “The Sopranos.” Falco also isn’t knocking the show. But neither will she stop shaking her head that it was submitted for awards in the “comedy” category, maybe in part because she remembers how the show started. And there’s still some of that in it.” Jackie’s addiction over the past six seasons has rarely affected her patients.

“The first script was called ‘Nurse Marie,’” she says. Instead it has blown up her family and scorched many of her friends and colleagues.

Falco, who has spoken in the past about her own alcohol addiction issues, says those kinds of consequences can’t be blithely rechanneled into funny.

“I think Jackie would love to be a good person,” says Falco. But at a certain point you’re at the mercy of your addictions.

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