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While the Feedly service is free to use, there’s also a Pro plan for $5/month that gives you integration with automation services, faster polling, alerts and a full feed search feature.If Feedly is for everyone, Inoreader is for everyone including the geeks.

Feedly is not just a service; they have their own apps as well, and they’re great for beginners (adding content from within the app, even for RSS newbies, is really easy). The app’s UI might seem confusing to old RSS users because it’s a mix between lists and Flipboard’s flip style UI.Instead of one long list, you get top articles from each folder you have set up.If you do plan on using Feedly as your main RSS app, there are settings to switch to a compact list view.Switching to a particular folder makes the experience much better.Then grab one of the apps below, and instead of opening Facebook or Flipboard, go to your RSS app.You’ll find something you’re much more likely to read or send to Pocket in a couple of seconds than you would aimlessly scrolling your Facebook timeline.

If you’re already an RSS geek, I don’t need to sell you on a system so wonderfully named Really Simple Syndication. Feedly is the true replacement for Google Reader, meaning it’s the RSS service that’s going to be enough for most users out there.

It might not be great for pro users, and it might not have four features with the Smart prefix, but it’s solid, reliable and gets the job done.

If you gave up on RSS in 2011 and never took it back up, here’s my top tip (and here’s a good explainer on RSS): Sign up for a free account at Feedly, and add no more than twelve of your favorite sites.

All those intelligent new readers won’t help you out there.

I get that, and I do use all those apps, but I also use RSS readers. We all have our favorite websites where we want to check out every single article (such as MTE).

Everything from Flipboard to Nuzzel wants to be the “smart” way to deliver news.

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