Agoraphobic dating

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This has probably been talked about on here, but I am new to the site and I just thought I'd start a new post.I'm really tired of being alone, and I don't really even have any friends. I was just wondering if anyone has come across any good sites or places for people with anxiety or agoraphobia to meet? I've tried the popular sites but they want you to pay too much for a site with people posting that generally don't have any issues like I do... Anyway, I was just asking if anyone has found any sites to be good?

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Life is short and I would love to just have someone I can talk to or share things with. People with phobias feel dread or panic when they face certain objects, situations, or activities.People with agoraphobia frequently also experience panic attacks, but panic attacks, or panic disorder, are not a requirement for a diagnosis of agoraphobia.The defining feature of agoraphobia is anxiety about being in places from which escape might be embarrasing or difficult, or in which help might be unavailable.The person suffering from agoraphobia usually avoids the anxiety-provoking situation and may become totally housebound.I barely even literally speak anymore because I just don't have anyone to talk to. looking at the world go by outside your window while you dream and wish you could be doing what really interests you.very frustrating ..

My mother doesn't really share my interests and because of how bad the depression has become, my hours are all wrong now. Barely any human contact and chatting online I don't know is more of a placebo than a real interaction would be.

its a shame that so many people are suffering from the one thing that should be so easily done.. and i think there should be more support for ppl with this type of anxiety..

Agoraphobia is just one type of phobia, or irrational fear.

Agoraphobia is the most common type of phobia, and it is estimated to affect between 5-12% of Americans within their lifetime.

Agoraphobia is twice as common in women as in men and usually strikes between the ages of 15-35.

The symptoms of the panic attacks which may accompany agoraphobia vary from person to person, and may include trembling, sweating, heart palpitations (a feeling of the heart pounding against the chest), jitters, fatigue, tingling in the hands and feet, nausea, a rapid pulse or breathing rate, and a sense of impending doom.

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