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In 1994, the Taliban supreme leader, Mullah Omar, saved a boy from being sodomized by two feuding generals in Kandahar and when he was subsequently given control of the city he decreed that both violent and mutually consensual sodomy would be capital crimes.

These activities are tolerated within Afghan culture because they are not perceived as being an expression of an LGBT-identity, but rather an expression of male power and dominance; as the boy in these situations is forced to assume the "female" role in the relationship.In 2012, Nemat Sadat, a former professor of political science at American University of Afghanistan, mobilized a LGBT movement Afghanistan's population is over 99% Muslim, and the country's Constitution stipulates that Islam shall be the official religion.Homosexuality and cross-dressing are widely seen as taboo and indecent activities, owing to traditional Islamic mores concerning appropriate gender roles and sexual conduct.When publicly discussed, homosexuality is often linked with prostitution and pedophilia and the level of awareness about sexual orientation or gender identity is limited.In 2011, Afghan news reporters interviewed men who had LGBT-pride symbols on their vehicles, to find out that the men were unaware of the meaning of the rainbow flags and stickers, thinking that it was just another western fad, and began quickly removing the rainbows to avoid being seen as a LGBT person or as supporter of LGBT rights.Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people living in Afghanistan face certain unique legal and social challenges.

Homosexuality and cross-dressing are considered serious crimes in Afghanistan, possible punishment may include the death penalty.

This is usually the case in rural parts of the country where local villagers take the law into their own hands.

As of 2008, it appears that the regime change has not had much impact on the legal status of lesbians, gay men and bisexuals in Afghanistan.

Militia members generally do not have access to women, and so boys are sometimes kidnapped to be humiliated and raped by adult men.

Other boys become prostitutes for adult men, regardless of their sexual orientation.

These men involved are sometimes called bacha baz in Persian and seem to flourish in the big cities of Afghanistan, possibly due to poverty and the strict social taboos surrounding interaction between men and women.

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