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Sarah Lahav, CEO of Sys Aid Technologies, took the first steps on her path toward leadership as a member of the Israeli Defense Forces.Here, she shares her experiences rising through the ranks in tech, and offers advice about cornering your niche and treating it like the most important job you will ever have.

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To minimize the pitfalls of building a data-savvy workforce, consider these tips.According to a leaked company memo, IBM is imposing involuntary job cuts in the Netherlands for the first time.Does the move serve as a template for Big Blue to impose forced layoffs in regions where local labor laws have made it difficult to impose mandatory cuts?One of the biggest challenges in IT security is determining whether the tools and configurations you have in place are giving your organization the level of security you require. Inspired by the difficulty Apple's late founder Steve Jobs endured in securing a donated liver when he was ill, the company says i OS 10 will allow i Phone users to directly connect to the National Donate Life Registry.Andi Mann, chief technology advocate at Splunk, sees major changes afoot in how IT and business are aligning.Here, he shares his experiences working with CIOs and other IT leaders as they look to derive real business outcomes from the technology they use every day.

The future of the UK, and specifically of London, as the leading market for data centers in Europe could be affected by Brexit, according to an analysis by 451 Research.

However, the split could also provide opportunities for the US.

Gartner's updated IT spending forecast for 2016 is slightly improved, but the research firm warned that it doesn't account for the recent UK vote to leave the European Union. Information Week Executive Editor Curtis Franklin spoke with Senior Editor Sara Peters about how Io T is changing everything we know in IT, especially in the industrial enterprise.

From, predictive analytics, to security, to ROI, here's why the next 30 years of IT starts with Io T.

Organizations aspiring to become data-driven need to take a close look at their HR practices.

If your company's hiring and retention standards aren't keeping up with the times, you may be losing valuable job candidates and employees.

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